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Revolutionary products that save lives.

We’re dedicated to saving lives.

BC3 Technologies, Inc. is a privately held medical device company focused on the development and commercialization of aerosolized hemostatic products that help save lives. A certified minority-owned company, BC3 was founded on the idea that there needs to be a change in the way health care professionals and first responders manage life-threatening arterial bleeding.

Meeting a critical need
in the management of arterial bleeding.

Each year, 40 percent of critically wounded people with arterial bleeding die in transit to the hospital. Bleeding wounds, including gunshot wounds, that cannot be treated with standard hemostatic methods, such as applying pressure with bandages, remain a leading cause of potentially preventable deaths. Arterial bleeding also increases the chances of spreading blood borne diseases.

In addition, and independent of the mechanism of injury, hemorrhagic shock consistently represents the second-leading cause of early deaths among the injured.

We recognized a critical need to change the way wounds and significant bleeding were being treated in emergency and trauma situations.

Wayne Grube Jr.CEO & Co-Founder

These findings emphasize the need for prompt and more effective hemorrhage control for first responders and military personnel.

A more effective solution in the treatment of arterial bleeding.

SEAL Hemostatic Wound Spray

The first and only aerosolized chitosan for management of serious arterial hemorrhage.

SEAL Hemostatic Wound Spray is designed to meet the challenges of arterial bleeding. When sprayed on a wound and upon contact with blood or exudate, SEAL quickly forms a strong barrier over the wound and helps stop the bleeding within seconds and without pain – drastically increasing the likelihood of victim survival.

SEAL was developed for emergency situations, surgical environments, and for the battlefield where response time to hemorrhaging is the critical difference between life and death.

  • For moderate to severe external bleeding wounds
  • For emergency use of temporary external treatment
  • For controlling moderate to severe bleeding

Multiple applications in multiple environments.

The product is compact, easy to carry, and can be administered by first responders, patients, professional medical staff, or caregivers.

SEAL aerosol containers come in two sizes: a three-second can for stab and bullet wounds and a 10-second can for wounds larger than four inches or for appendages that have been severed. Unlike bandage or granule-based chitosan products, SEAL can be applied under windy and wet conditions and in low-light.

SEAL has undergone preliminary efficacy studies with several organizations, including the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research. It is the only chitosan-based aerosol spray product available for treating wounds. Due to its novel spray design, SEAL can be applied directly to complex 3D wound architectures and can be forced into openings, such as gunshot wounds.

We help empower front-line emergency responders to do their jobs.

BC3 helps save lives by putting SEAL wound spray in the hands of paramedics, police officers, military personnel, doctors and other emergency responders who deal with hemorrhage-related trauma every day. SEAL not only stop bleeding faster and more effectively, but it also reduces the risk of wound infections and helps prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.

Meet the BC3 leadership team.

Passionate, like-minded professionals with the simple but critical goal of saving lives.

CEO and Co-Founder

Wayne Grube Jr.

Mr. Grube serves as CEO and co-founder of BC3 Technologies. As Vice President of Baltimore- based Aerosol and Liquid Packaging, Mr. Grube has robust experience in project ideation, development, and execution with specific background in chemistry and federal regulation. Mr. Grube has deep knowledge of commercialization from his experience in manufacturing, large-scale consumer and B2B retail, and finance.

Lee Jay Jr.

Mr. Jay serves as COO and is President of Baltimore- based Aerosol and Liquid Packaging, an FDA- and EPA-registered company that partners to develop and manufacture medical and industrial products. With 20+ years experience in the aerosol Industry, Mr. Jay possesses a deep understanding of QA, operations and processes for aerosols, liquids, gels, and powders. He has additional experience in compounding formulas, hazardous materials, and R&D.

Karen Shenk

Ms. Shenk serves as CFO for BC3 Technologies and controller for Aerosol & Liquid Packaging. She is responsible for financial reporting, maintenance of accounting records, preparation for annual audits and cash management. Karen graduated from Towson University, in Maryland.
Head, Regulatory Affairs

Rivelino Montenegro, PhD

Dr. Montenegro previously held leading positions in plastics and metal-processing companies in Brazil. He was also research scientist at Matregen in Toronto, where he was responsible for product development/drug delivery. He was a co-founder and director of Smart Biotech, Toronto, responsible for R&D for medical devices for stroke. In 2006, he founded Medovent together with Dr. Freier and is CTO. Since 2016, he is CEO of Monarch Bioimplants, a Swiss-based medical device company focused on cancer treatment strategies. Dr. Montenegro has published 15 peer-reviewed papers and holds several international patents. He obtained his PhD in chemistry at the Max Planck Institute in Golm, Germany.
Head, R&D

Thomas Freier, PhD

Dr. Freier has previously worked at the Center of Excellence for Biomaterials in Rostock, Germany in polymer chemistry and tissue engineering. He was Director of R&D at Matregen, a Toronto- based start-up focused on drug delivery. In 2006, he co-founded Medovent; a medical device company focused on urology and surgery and was CEO until 2016. In 2017, he joined Dr. Montenegro in the management of Monarch Bioimplants. Dr. Freier has published 20 peer-reviewed papers and contributed to five books and holds several international patents. Dr. Freier earned his PhD in chemistry at the University of Rostock.

BC3 Newsroom

BC3 Technologies Receives FDA Clearance for SEAL Hemostatic Wound Spray

FDA Clearance Paves Way for Commercial Use of First and Only Aerosolized Chitosan for Management of Serious Arterial Hemorrhage

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